Logo mobihub

Currently in Flanders there are already many carsharing stations with additional features, which are essentially mobihubs. However, there is little recognistion of the mobihub concept, both for city planners and users. A clear recognisable image used throughout Flanders, must lead to increased quality, use and accelerated implementation across the region.

Taxistop and Autodelen.net have therefore opted for a clear name and image to help facilitate and promote multimodal travel behaviours through shared mobility.

The name ‘mobipunt’ is registered as a trademark, designed to help monitor its effectiveness as a brand and also prevent the name being used for other initiatives. The use of the name ‘mobipunt’ and the logo is free. However, Taxistop and Autodelen.net do expect the criteria surrounding the use and application of the name and logo to be met and properly applied.

The logo

The design of the logo is not that coincidental. The image is a pointer, known from placeholders on Google Maps. The letter “M” of mobility runs through the pointer. The design is universal and thus shows the ambition of Autodelen.net and Taxistop.

The pointer makes the link between the physical mobihub and the digital world.

Through this website we want to eventually arrive at a database of mobihubs to which all digital mobility data is linked. Mobihubs will play a role in the route planners of the future.

Color use

Four colors have been recorded within the corporate identity of mobihubs. Download here the mobipunt_mini_branding.

Name and ID mobihub

For reasons of clarity and later integration in route planners, each mobihub gets its unique name and ID. The ID is the unique determinant of each mobihub and consists of the prefix ‘MP’, followed by a combination of the postcode where the mobihub is located and a serial number, for example ‘MP-1800.1’, ‘MP-9050.3’, …