What is a mobihub? 

A mobihub (mobipunt in Dutch) is a transport hub on neighbourhood level, where different sustainable and shared transport modes are linked with each other. A mobihub can have multiple functions but some are essential. To install a mobihub for example, it is necessary to have at least some car sharing parkingspots and a bicycle storage. Furthermore the hub should be near a public transport stop and easily accessible for everyone. So it’s important to take into account mobility issues such as wheelchair friendliness and the safety aspects (for instance making sure it’s neat and well lit). It is designed to enable and promote multimodal transport on a local level and can be tailored for different neighbourhoods.

Mobihubs in Flanders

On the map below, you can find the real mobihubs and mobihubs under construction. Click on the map to see more info about the different functions and services of each mobihub.
   : Real mobihub
: Mobihub under construction